Hi and Welcome!

My name is Laura and I am the photographer and owner behind Laura Alicia Photography. You may have noticed that the business name has recently changed from Amore Photography however rest assured that the concept and person remains the same. During the 2020 pandemic and extremely long lockdowns I decided to revamp, renew and refocus my small business and the name change has come as a result.

So what led me down the path of becoming a photographer? I could give the general response of when I technically picked up a proper DLSR and began my professional journey however if I delve deep enough I find that the answer is more along the lines of something I have carried with me for as long as I remember. From the first moments of having a camera in my hand... just those little point and shoot every day cameras, I was the annoying family member wanting to capture every moment during a party, at a gathering or simply just family members being themselves. Travelling through South America where I am originally from, I was the one taking photos of all the places and people that I hold so deeply and closely to my heart. So I guess the answer is that its always been a part of me, its just that in the last 7-8 years I have made it my focus, my priority and my life. It is what I love and what I am so honored to call my job. These past 2 years I have begun converting my home studio into my little slice of heaven and I continually look at growing and improving, educating myself via different programs and opportunities so that I can provide my clients with the best of me.

When I am asked what area of photography I specialise in, this question always leaves me wandering if I have answered in an expected manner. I love so many aspects of so many things that it is extremely hard for me to pinpoint a preferred photography genre. I love dance as I grew up dancing and have since watched my daughter have a passion and love of dance growing up also. I love kids as they are everything, they grow sooooo quickly that I feel that it is ever so important to capture and document everything, as before we know it such as my own they are talking universities and cars and you are left feeling like it is all a blur. I love being creative, there is not a moment that goes by where I am not adding a new project to my list... it could be photographically or it could be restoring some old couches or sanding back some old wooden benches or painting... if its artistic and creative I want a part of it!

Mother of two gorgeous kids who keep me busy day to day, I know all too well just how quickly our lives can pass us by. Over the years I have developed a love for capturing precious moments and freezing time just for a moment in order to be able to cherish those memories forever. I live surrounded by old photo albums, old letters and memories that I have personally created over the course of my life and I often pull these out to reminisce and reflect. I feel passionately about having these moments frozen in time as life really can just creep away from us and these cherished memories are sometimes all we have left.

I would love to be able to capture these incredible memories for you and look forward to following your life story.

Laura x



Laura has an incredible knack /insight into capturing the most precious moments -both natural & “ positioned “ my photo shoot with grandkids ( must be due for update but I’m not sure perfection can be improved on �)was the best fun & I will treasure those captured moments forever